List of Compositions

Orchestra/Large Ensemble

Tear of the Clouds (2022) 1011-0000-4221

Arrow of Time (2016) sinfonietta

Ripple Effect (2013) sinfonietta; (2015) full orchestra

Terra Firma (2011) jazz ensemble

Daydreams (2010) wind ensemble

Undercurrent (2010) sinfonietta

Sunrise From a Distant Past (2007) full orchestra

Concerto for Orchestra (2006) full orchestra

Seaching the Constellations (2006) full orchestra

Chamber, Solo & Duo

Koholā Sings (2021) solo harp

A Melody From an Unknown Place (2020) solo violin

Adaptation Variations (2019) fl, cl, hn, percussion, vln, vla, vc

Wavelengths (2019) fl, cl, vln, vc

But Beautiful (2018) koto and cello

Faded Aura (2017) shakuhachi, fl, cl, vln, vc

American Postcards: Picture Brides (Hawaii 1908-1924) (2017) string quartet (doubling on ukulele)

Sunburnt (2017) bassoon or saxophone quartet

Snapshots (2017) alto saxophone and bassoon

Reenactment (2017) gayageum and electronics

Crosscurrents (2016) shamisen and violin

Doublethink (2015) saxophone quartet

Iridescence (2015) solo piano

To A Balloon Laden with Knowledge (2015) SSAATTBB Choir

Conversations in the Garden (2015) viola, guitar, piano, sound installation

City of Imagination (2015) erhu, dizi, yangqin, sheng, pipa, guzheng

Taepyeongga (2014) ajaeng, ob. guit. pno. perc.

Of the Moon (2014) shakuhachi and koto

The Distance of the Moon (2014) shakuhachi, koto, and string quartet

Vanishing Act (2013-14) vln, piano, perc.

Secret Dimension (2013) cl, vln, vc, piano

A Glimpse of a Reflection (2013) guzheng and electronics

Trade Winds (2012) flute and piano

Across the Open Sky (2012) 2 violins, cello

Neon Flicker (2012) duo

Piano Trio (2012) violin, cello, piano

Palpitations (2011) alto saxophone solo

Afterimage (2011) cello solo

Parallel Divergence (2011) fl., b. cl., vln., vc., piano

Soliloquy (2010) piano solo

Intermezzo (2010) piano solo

Variations on a Theme by Brahms (2010) ob., c.a., cl., vln., vc.

Stargazing (2010) violin and electronics

Echolocation (2009) saxophone quartet

Event Horizon (2009) string quartet

Impromptu (2008) violin and piano

Automata (2008) piano solo

Sarcasms (2008) alto saxophone and piano

Toccata (2007) violin and piano

Delights and Shadows (2007) bass voice and piano

Recurrency (2007) cello octet

Imprints (2006) 2 pianos

Pins and Needles (2006) fl., cl., vln., vla., vc., piano

Sounds and Shapes (2004) fl., cl., vln., vc., piano, percussion


Re-Vanishing Act (2013-15)

for violin, piano, and percussion

duration: 9 minutes


Percussion List:

Temple Blocks (5), Woodblock, Kick Drum (Pedal Bass Drum), Tam-Tam, Sizzle Cymbal, Suspended Cymbal, Triangle, Shaker, Tambourine, Metal Pipes (2), Brake Drum, Bell Tree, Bongos (2), Guiro, Cowbell, Agogo Bells (2), Vibraslap, Ratchet, Flexatone, Crotales (E, F#, B) unmounted, w/ water


Program Notes

I like to cheer for the underdogs, even in the most inane situations. So when I learned about the instrumentation of the Varied Trio, my initial thought was how inherently unfair it seemed for the percussionist to be playing alongside two instruments that have such a strong and historical bond of performing alongside each other. Naturally, my inclination was to find ways to make sure the percussionist didn’t become the third wheel that would only be trying to blend into the texture dominated by the piano and the violin. Instead, my solution (and the challenge) I set for myself was to flip the usual role of the percussionist on its head by having her be the instigator of sounds, and have the pianist and the violinist match or blend into the percussive sounds (and “vanish” into each sonic event).  Given how different the instruments are from one another, this is often an impossible task to literally achieve, but the concept served as a catalyst for the entire piece. 
The piece was premiered in 2014 as Vanishing Act, but has undergone significant revisions in 2015 – enough to warrant a slightly new title.